Every 60 Seconds Thousands of Digital Transactions Take Place... Are You Safe?

Prevent cyber attacks and financial loss today with the training, tools, and resources to secure your business and sleep better at night

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Hackers and scammers want to steal your money and information. If you don't know how they do it, you won't know how to keep your business safe. Whether you're running solo or have a team, this free course will cover exactly where the threats are coming from and how you can avoid them... especially since there are more and more people working from home today.

What Will You Discover In This Free Course?

  • The Five Primary Types of Cyber Attacks
    In this chapter, you'll discover the five primary attacks modes for you to be aware of in the battle for your privacy.
  • Simple Ways to Secure Your Business Today
    Avoid becoming the next statistic by understanding the immediate things you can do to protect yourself from threats.
  • The Biggest Threats for Your Specific Industry
    What is a company's greatest privacy and cyber security risk? Hard question, right? It depends on your industry. This course will give you the answers you've been looking for.
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Designed With Your Industry In Mind

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Certified Financial Planners

Financial planners help their clients plan for their financial future. Don't allow your future to be in jeopardy without a solidified privacy awareness plan of action for you and your office. You don't just want to manage wealth, you want to preserve it. Don't leave yourself at risk to various attacks.
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Credit Unions

Financial services has long been subject to various state and federal laws requiring privacy protections for personal financial information. Take it a step further and gain the trust of your clients with a personalized privacy awareness strategy for your financial institution.
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Real Estate Brokers

In an era of digital interconnectivity, real estate brokerages are rushing to deliver personalized experiences via connected technology solutions. Keep your agents and brokerage safe from attacks while minimizing financial and operational implications. 
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Insurance agents and brokers constantly deal with customers’ personal information. Yet many in the industry may not be aware of the legal requirements for handling or storing this information. Increase your knowledge of the potential risks and keep yourself and clients safe from phishing attacks.
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In a changing digital world, over $10 billion has been invested in privacy and security companies, an all-time high up more than five-fold from $1.7 billion in the last decade. Don't be left behind as more organizations transition into a remote-work and virtual world with multiple threats from every angle.
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Create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust among your association and ensure the safety and privacy of your members. Allowing your members to share information without knowing the potential risks can put your association in danger of multiple attacks.

The Longer You Take To Create Your Account, The Longer You Leave Yourself and Your Business at Risk...

Get Instant Access to the FREE Course, Your Privacy Landscape

What People Say

S. Henderson

California Financial
Services Association
Eye opening and amazing! As bankers, we need to protect all our clients and our own in-house data with these essential privacy education tools.

A Lenhardt

National Crime
Prevention Council
All our people have said that your content and training really hit home!

P. Boland

California State Assembly
As a former three-term lawmaker focused on public safety issues, I know these financial crimes and their great cost to the American economy. Follow this advice!

D Call

Dean, University of
Southern California
Demystifies identity theft!

Brian C.

Los Angeles County
Sheriff's Department
The essentials on how to make yourself a smaller identity theft target. The information and prevention tips could help anyone from becoming the next victim.

Mike B.

Los Angeles Police
Because of you, we have the training needed to stay on top of our game. Keep up the great work!

Who We Are

Partnered with experts in Simulated Phishing, Social Engineering, e-Learning and Instructional Design, The Privacy Awareness Academy exists to equip individuals, teams, organizations and industries to “build a wall of cyber-protection” around their most valuable assets and reputation.

Our privacy awareness training is designed to simulate what happens in a “live” training environment. In today’s digital world, organizations must train their team to make “trust decisions” about who has access to proprietary or private business data.

The Privacy Awareness Academy helps learners make more informed privacy and cyber-safety choices using our elaborate, state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar training and communications platform.

We deliver an engaging learning experience, using full-motion, live-action interactive courseware with training, testing, reporting and certifications that will enable your team to reach and maintain YOUR organization’s privacy goals.

The “connected acceleration” of our digital lives keeps us literally wired up and melting down. Embracing smart, proven, cutting edge privacy habits helps Privacy Awareness Academy learners to recognize and neutralize potential security threats not easily seen over the horizon.
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Dale Penn

Dale Penn is the “Privacy Wiz in Chief” and founder of the Privacy Awareness Academy.
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Bill Ewing

Bill Ewing is the Co-Founder of the Privacy Awareness Academy and brings to the company extensive experience in the motion picture industry along with first- hand knowledge of the corporate need for privacy skills training.
Randy Boyd image

Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd has spent his entire career protecting sensitive non-public, private client information. He leads the Privacy Awareness Academy’s Customer Development Team.
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Lisa Jordan

Lisa brings strong administrative, organizational, communication and marketing skills to Privacy  Awareness Academy. Along with anticipating the needs of clients and partners, her Cybersecurity and Privacy Awareness certifications make her a vital team member and valued resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should we invest in team privacy training considering our constant employee turnover?

    Better to train everyone and have a few leave, than not to train anyone and hope they all stay!

  • How can we measure the ROI for implementing interactive privacy awareness training?
    Just ONE data breach costs the AVERAGE company six to seven figures of lost revenue!
  • Will the Privacy Awareness Academy platform sync with our existing LMS or CRM?
    Yes, we utilize single sign-on (SAML 2.0) and Zapier to create a seamless interface
  • Can we assign our own in-house management- level oversight to ensure the training is being used?
    Of course! You can assign “Super-Users” to monitor training progress from any location in real time.
  • What is your “interactive testing” and what does it accomplish?
    Your learners will satisfactorily complete a graded quiz for each module to earn their certification.
  • How do we add newly hired team members to begin earning their privacy certification?
    Your designated “Super-User” can easily generate new hire “onboarding ”credentials as needed.
  • How do you keep employees engaged with this many hours of training?
    We’ve crafted learning modules that are concise, relevant, informative, satisfying, relatable and fun.
  • Is this privacy and cyber-safety content suitable for our management and C-level team members?
    Yes! The curriculum includes advanced modules to help with corporate governance and planning.
  • What if I can’t “pass” the interactive test?
    Learners can repeat modules, jot notes inside the system and re-take quizzes as much as needed.
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The Privacy Awareness Academy’s simple and easy-to-navigate platform is custom designed to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and industries.
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Get Instant Access to the FREE Course, Your Privacy Landscape
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